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From Mark Bixby
Huntington Beach resident

The City of Huntington Beach is about to proceed with the first major charter revision since 1978.  The city council will be appointing a 15-member Charter Review Committee that will be tasked with proposing a new charter. Applications for appointment to this committee are being accepted until May 22, 2009.  It is expected that this committee will begin its work in June 2009 with the intent of producing a new charter to be voted on in the November 2010 general election.  After the committee submits the new charter to the city council, the council will be able to make additional modifications prior to placing it onto the ballot.

The goal of this page is to provide unbiased tools to allow the citizens of Huntington Beach to participate in a fully informed manner during the coming process.  I, Mark Bixby, have skimmed through every charter on this page and in the process of doing so discovered many progressive innovations that would greatly benefit the citizens of Huntington Beach.  I strongly urge other people with intense interest in charter reform to similarly skim through every charter — it is time well-spent.

To browse through the city charters click here.


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