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John Earl

Native Americans and supporters march along the "Wall of Death" (named for the glass wall in background that has caused the death of wild birds) to protest the destruction of sacred burial grounds and one of the most important archaeological sites in North America the first Saturday of each month at the Brightwater housing development (start 10 a.m. at Bolsa Chica and Warner). Photo: John Earl

By Flossie Horgan
OC Voice guest columnist

Native American Discoveries at Brightwater, upper Bolsa Chica Mesa

Issues concerning the archaeological excavations at Brightwater continue to grow. In a letter dated April 8, 2008, to the California Coastal Commission, the Native American Heritage Commission Larry Myers states “The NAHC remains concerned about the Brightwater- Bolsa Chica Project. The NAHC has not received a report clearly showing the dates, locations and details of burial discoveries. At this point based on information available and the large number of burials recovered and associated items, it appears that the whole area may be a burial ground.”

We have learned:

  • The reburials of the human remains were far more than “bone fragments” as conveyed by the coroner reports. Burials of “the ORA 85 people” are not a few bone fragments.
  • The archaeologist for the developer has confirmed that “the 22 cogged stones found at the ‘house pit’ of an apparent Shaman or tribal leader are clearly associated grave goods.”
  • Over 100,000 artifacts
  • 4,217 artifacts found during the grading monitoring on ORA 83
  • 83 prehistoric features uncovered with the burials
  • 1,622 artifacts found during the grading monitoring on ORA 85
  • 87 human “bone concentrations” need to be reburied (more…)

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