Archive for June 10th, 2008

By John Earl
OC Voice Editor

If you live in Orange CounVisitors enjoy a refreshing drink of fully treated and delicious sewer water.ty, pat yourself on the back the next time you sit down on the toilet with your copy of the OC Voice, because you’re helping to solve California’s water shortage.

Think of it as one way of giving back to nature what you take from it when you water your lawn, hose down your drive way, fill your large swimming pool, shower for 1 hour or flush your toilet 10 times a day. It may be the one way in which “wasting” water helps to ensure your future water supplies

Water problems aren’t unique to California, or course.  Drought induced by climate change, as well as poor resource management, including inefficient water use by agriculture and residential homes, linked with population growth have created water shortages in at least one-third of the world. (more…)


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